My mom’s life was riddled in pain that spilled over to my sisters and me. The pain of my mother’s life still affects me, despite all her attempts to conceal it. I love her. I admire her. I want to understand her. But mostly, I want justice for her. Even though she tells me she’s okay, and I need to let it go, I can’t.

Let it go? How can I let it go, knowing such horror and evil still exist in the world?

But what can I do? Having barely graduated college with a journalism major, I know how to tell other people’s stories, but the one I want to tell most of all is my mother’s. I have nothing to go on and even less information. The more I inquire about it, the less she’s willing to share. My parents would lock me in my room if they suspected what I want to do. But even that won’t stop me. Not if I can find a way. And then I meet Ramiro Vasquez, and learn some of his secrets, secrets that bind his family to mine. Sometimes, the past is not really dead. Sometimes, it can still destroy you and the ones you love most.


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