The Other Sister

Sisters Series, Book 1

Raw. Real. Emotional.

My words will annoy you, frustrate you, make you cringe, make you pause, make you think, make you feel, make you laugh, make you happy, make you sad…but that’s the thing, my words will make you feel something. That means my romance isn’t fake or fantasy. It’s not tropish or feel good. I won’t “save” someone simply because they fall in love. Never. Not once.

Because my romance is real.

It’s real life. Real times. Real people. Real problems. Real job. Real families. Real relationships. Real joy…Real Emotions. My characters are at times dark and quiet, serious and intense, or funny and sweet. They can be meek, scared, and fragile. Or other times they can be strong, confident, and even brilliant. They are broken and confused, struggling and abused. They are the heroes, they are the villains, and everyone in between. And because all people, can be all of these things…all at once even, that is exactly the experience reading my characters will bring you.

So, if you are looking for something a bit different, my books might be for you.

I have written over 30 books. All of my books are available in ebook, print, and I have six books in Audio. Try one, a few, or all of them! Thank you for taking a moment to check out my novels.

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River in Light ( The River’s End Series, Book 12)

River in Light ( The River’s End Series, Book 12)

  Mateo Alvarez knew only darkness in his childhood and youth. He finally gets a break working at Rydell Rides because his boss, Shane Rydell, gives him the job opportunity, despite his prison record. But Shane also warns Mateo to go nowhere near his daughter,...

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River in Darkness (The River’s End Series, Book 11)

River in Darkness (The River’s End Series, Book 11)

Iris Rydell has her dream job working at Rydell Rides. Her life and future are exactly as she wants them. She’s tough, respected aby her co-workers, accepted by her family, and adores being a mechanic. There’s nothing she’s searching for. Until Quinn Larkin,...

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Damion ( The Sons Series, Book 4)

Damion ( The Sons Series, Book 4)

She's dead. My wife is dead and no one mourns her but her best friend, Kaeja Ingalles and I. Ignoring all that was decent when we fell in love, that stigma followed us until she died. I hear words of empathy for my loss and our daughter being motherless at such a...

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Leanne Davis is an Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author whose books have appeared on many best seller lists including #1 in Top Rated Women’s Psychological Fiction and #1 in bestselling in New Adult by The Other Sister.


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